A Mari Usque Ad Mare: True North Surf Society

OFFICIAL RELEASE A Mari Usque Ad Mare: True North Surf Society

Surfing puts you in direct contact with the source, with nature.
It makes heroic verse out of the everyday prose of life.
- Elie L. Canadian Surfer

A Mari Usque ad Mare is Canada's national motto, which translates to "from sea to sea".

We followed a few cold water surfers in their pursuit to find, as one surfer eloquently put it: "heroic verse out of the everyday prose of life."

Canadian surfers are dedicated, embracing Canada's cold climate in pursuit of the next wave.

Tuck Shop's SS17 collection was inspired by true Canadians and their outdoor lifestyles - from cold water surf culture to cottage enthusiasts.

Models: Andrew Pigott + Linnea Sage

Surfers: Nicole-Marie Tomasi, Kaitlin De Brandebere, Elie Landesberg, Daniel Steiner

Director: Jennifer Morden

Producers: Jennifer Morden + Sabrina Deluca

Cinematographers: Cameron Roden + Christina Ienna

Editor: Orlee Buium

Art Director: Jennifer Morden

Stylist: Lyndsay Borschke + Tuck Shop Trading Co.

Hair/Makeup: Amber Bentley

Assistants: Ashley McDonald + Elizabeth Whelan

Special thanks to our sponsors + contributors: Ontario Camera, Sigma, Surf the Greats, Tofino Towel Co., Bear Wax

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