Behind the Scenes: Making of the City of Neighbourhoods Collection

Since Tuck Shop Trading Co.'s beginning in 2013, the City of Neighbourhoods Collection has remained a staple of the brand. Growing from the central idea that Toronto is not simply a city, but in fact, a collection of diverse and individual neighbourhoods.
From 2013 to now that collective feeling of neighbourhood pride has only continued to grow. When a friend moves to a new part of the town, the first thing you want to know is to which neighbourhood they are relocating.
We all love to rattle off our favourite neighbourhood restaurants, stores, bars, and local parks. We are also fiercely protective of our "hood" when someone else tries to claim their's as superior.
With ongoing measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 we're all doing our best to social distance. Sadly, this means right now we are not able to enjoy the best that our neighbourhoods have to offer.
With this in mind we thought now would be a great time to give you a peak behind the curtain to see how our City of Neighbourhood toques are made!  Each of our City of Neighbourhoods toques is manufactured at a knitting mill in Toronto, providing jobs to local workers and supporting smaller textile companies in the process.



Warm Up in a Toque!

It's not helpful that the weather AND the news have been equally gloomy. If you're looking for something to brighten your mood and warm your head our selection of 100+ City of Neighbourhood toques are now on SALE for 30% off!
You'll look great, stay warm, and support small businesses in the process! We're all looking forward to the day we can get back to business as usual, but until then, we're in this together. 👊