Canoe Lake Caesar

What's better then enjoying a tasty caesar at the end of a summer day? This is our go-too recipe for this Canadian classic. It hits all the right notes, savoury, spicy, and above all refreshing. 


-2oz Vodka/Gin/Tequila (whatever your favourite tipple is) 

-7oz Clamato juice

-1tsp horseradish

-1 dash Worcestershire sauce

-1 dash hot sauce (we like Tobacco, but any will work)

-1 dash or pickle or pickled bean juice

-1 lime wedge

-1 garnish of choice (pickled bean, celery, etc.)

-1 lime wedge

-Celery salt for the rim

-Ice cubes


-Wet the rim of the glass with the lime wedge and dust with celery salt, squeeze the rest of the lime juice into the glass.

-Add horseradish, Worcestershire sauce, hot sauce, pickle juice to the glass, stir to combine.

-Add alcohol of choice and top with Clamato juice

-Add ice, stir, and top with the garnish

There is a lot of room to make this recipe your own. Make your own version and tag us in your creations on Instagram (@tuckshopco)