Le Grand Portage


In October of 2019, Felix Jasmin was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS). This life changing event inspired Felix to begin Le Grand Portage, a charity initiative dedicated to fundraising for MS research.


"I spent many summers on long canoe trips in the Ontario wilderness. These experiences have helped shape who I am. One of the most memorable parts of these trips was the historic wilderness trail, the Grand Portage, a 13-km path from the Pigeon River to the shores of Lake Superior. It was the last haul of a 37-day expedition and as a young canoe tripper, it served as an intimidating, tough, yet rewarding rite of passage. As an MS patient, it now represents the long road ahead - for me, and all my fellow MS patients."


- Felix Jasmin, MS patient, Taylor Statten Camps alumni, and founder of Le Grand Portage


Last year, people all over Canada, walked, biked, or ran 13 km to raise money for Le Grand Portage. This year, there will be two events: 


- A relay race in which 40 teams will take turns portaging a canoe between Toronto and Montreal, each team completing a 13km section for a total distance of 700km. 


- A virtual event in which people are encouraged to run, walk, or bike 13 km on October 17th, 2021 


An estimated 77,000 Canadians live with multiple sclerosis. By donating to Le Grand Portage, your gift will help fund joint research projects led by Dr Jack Antel (Neuro-McGill) et du Dr Alexandre Prat (CHUM-Université de Montréal), focused on the immunological and neurological mechanisms involved in the development and progression of MS. This knowledge is a necessary step towards better treatment options for the disease. Dating back more than 35 years, this unique collaboration between two of Montreal’s great medical institutions stands at the forefront of world knowledge on MS. 


All your donations (100%) will go to research, and you will receive a tax receipt from the Université de Montréal. Donate Here