Libertine Fragrances - Meet the Maker

Meet the Maker - we asked Joshua Smith (Founder) a few questions: 

Joshua Smith

Q: Where did the name Libertine Fragrances come from?

A: The name Libertine comes from a word in the victorian period used to describe those that didn't adhere to the especially stuffy rules of society, especially regarding sexuality. They did what they wanted and sought out pleasure where they could. The name perfectly conveys how I feel about perfume. It is a sensual act to carry around a beautiful scent on your body throughout the day and one shouldn't let the thoughts of others decide which scents we love.

Q: So many fragrances out there, what made you want to jump in and how does Libertine Fragrance differ from other brands? What's special/sets you apart?

A: To create a perfume I start with an idea, often I've been inspired by a location or landscape. From there I pick ingredients that seem to fit with that idea and start doing tests, blending things together. By the time I'm done usually well over 100 tests have been done to examine different aspects of the fragrance. When I have found the right formula I collect all the ingredients I need and mix a much larger batch of pure essential oils, absolutes and aromatic ingredients. That batch is then diluted with a liquid coconut oil or perfumers alcohol and must sit to mature and blend for at least 6 weeks. After everything has settled it is then filtered and bottled and ready to be applied.  

Q: What are they made of?

A: All of our fragrances are composed of Perfumers Alcohol (or coconut oil in the roll on bottles), Fragrance, Germall plus (parabin free broad spectrum anti bacterial agent), Vitamin E.Q: How are they made and where?

A: Every part of the process is done locally and in house. The experimenting, blending, mixing and packaging are all done by hand in very small batches, usually 100 or so bottles. A mixture of essential oils and carefully chosen aroma molecules are weighed, mixed and diluted with carrier, either fractionated coconut oil or pure perfumers alcohol. The mixture is then aged to allow proper unification between essential oils and the carrier before it is bottled and ready to apply.

Libertine is mixed, blended and bottled in house in Edmonton, Alberta.

Q: What's next? More scents? Ideas to expand your line?

A: I love exploring new scents so I am always working on new ideas. There are no planned dates for next release but I am currently working on three fragrances. I am a product designer by training so I also just released a marble and brass incense burner to burn our incense. I would love to create a small line of beautiful decor items that embody the Libertine spirit in the future.