Summer Download

Image: Wooden muskoka chair text: Summer Download: With Tuck Shop’s founder and designer Lyndsay Borschke

How quickly it goes by… as Canadians, we spend so much time waiting for the brief but glorious summer to arrive and then once it does, it seems like it was warm for a blink of an eye and then we’re right back to cashmere socks and toques. So let’s embrace the glorious Canadian summer and luxuriate in this season’s must-have cottage pieces.

Personally, I’m prepping for two weeks up north with friends and family. Since I’m in the midst of packing my favourite Tuck Shop pieces and summer essentials, it only made sense to share my picks with you, and announce a once-in-a-season sale!

For the next seven day’s each of my favourite Tuck Shop styles will be 40% off for 24 hours ONLY!

Over the next week I can’t wait to share with you the care and intention we put into the designs that make up our summer collection. Behind every swimsuit, tank, shirt and dress is dozens of samples, countless fit meetings, and hours of work to ensure you’ll love every style as much as we do. Plus, I’ll be sharing some behind the scenes footage of daily life at the cottage.

But before that, let’s update you on all things Tuck Shop. Obviously, COVID has played a major role in the status of our business. Is it back to business as normal? Not even close. Are things evening out? Nope… still unpredictable and chaotic.
Business has been tough… When I’m inevitably asked how things are going, I don’t sugar coat it - it’s been a slog. It’s the best way to describe it. Each day brings on new challenges and disappointments. Patience has never been my strong suit, but if running a business during COVID has taught me one thing, it’s that: take a deep breath and be patient. Because the thing is, most of the issues are ones that I cannot control. Which sucks. It’s awful to tell clients that they have to wait for a restock or custom item. It’s awful to ask for an extension on a payable, because I know that business is stretched in the same way we are. The aspects of my job that I love have taken a backseat, as each day I try to navigate through uncertain times. Luckily, I have a solid group of women around me who support me and ultimately Tuck Shop. It’s always the people. Without them, what or who would we be? So while it’s tough, we shall persevere! We were taught to look at storm clouds as silver days and that’s the mentality we are embracing as we persist.

With a “silver day” frame of mind I wanted to let you know that our summer collection is not rolling out in the way we intended. Yarn delays, dyeing delays, labour issues, etc. all impact our ability to bring product to market. While we produce most of our products right here in Toronto, we are not immune to global supply issues. It’s great that the big guys are reshoring… but what will that mean for us who have been committed to local production? Are we going to lose our relationships as the bigger contracts move in? Yet another layer of complexity to concern ourselves with.

But enough with the doom and gloom… we actually made some pretty amazing pieces this season and we want you to see them and bluntly, want you to love and buy them. So let’s dive in, and meet my seven must-have styles for the summer.


Pink Terry Shirt Short and Bucket Hat

Ribbed tank: white, pink, brown


Reversible bandeau top


Leopard silk dress


white linen pants


Mint terry dress


Vintage map print bathing suits