The Farrah Tote™

How a Licensing Agreement Between One of Hollywood’s Most Recognized Charitable Organizations and a Small Canadian Fashion Brand Resulted in the Summer’s Most Uplifting Accessory.



We’ve all seen the iconic photograph of a beaming Farrah Fawcett with her red and white sneakers firmly planted on a cruiser skateboard, her feathered hair blowing in the breeze. You can practically feel the warmth of the California sun as she fearlessly glides down the curving road, her contagious optimism and exuberant sense of adventure encouraging us all to remain positive and trust that better days are soon to come.  
Taken while filming one of the many chase scenes for her lead role as Jill Munroe on the original Charlie’s Angels television series, this photograph is, unquestionably, a part of television history. Although the show’s portrayal of women falls short of today’s cultural standards, a plot surrounding three crime-stopping heroines was a step towards female empowerment during a time when Hollywood’s scripts were oversaturated with damsel in distress characters. A representation of changing times, this photograph inspires us all to be as fearless as Farrah and serves as a reminder that nothing can keep us down. Not Charlie’s Angels villains, not the patriarchy, and not, even, a global pandemic. 
Appreciating life’s wonderful moments is the ethos of our spring/summer ‘21 collection, and dedicating a piece of it to Farrah Fawcett and the famous photograph that perfectly captured her unretained joie de vivre was, simply put, a no brainer. Touched by the way this image lifted our spirits in the midst of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and reinforced our trust that better days are on the horizon, we reached out to the Farrah Fawcett Foundation (FFF) - a charitable organization founded by the late actress and dedicated to finding a cure for HPV-related cancers - for permission to use it in our next design. Inspired by our desire to spread a powerful message of positivity, what started out as a simple licensing agreement quickly transformed into the central theme of our summer line, which we affectionately named, “BETTER DAYS”.  The first release of the collection includes our new canvas tote, purposefully designed in an oversized style to carry all your good time essentials. Whether it's tennis rackets, picnic supplies, or cottage dock day necessities, the Canadian-made bags encourage people to prioritize their well-being and fill its spacious dimensions with the things that make them happiest. Available in four colours, each depicting original artwork by Tuck Shop’s founder and head designer, Lyndsay Borschke, the Farrah Tote promises nourishing summer days filled with fun, smiles, and adventure. Made to make memories, it will be your greatest summer companion. 
As an acknowledgement to the late actress and her fight against cancer, we will be donating a portion of the proceeds from each bag to the Farrah Fawcett Foundation, which she started in 2007.