WHAT'S IN MY BAG: Summer Edition

Whether basking dockside in Muskoka or strutting the streets of Summerhill, you can always find Lyndsay carrying her straw Cottage Tote and chic shades, paired with an elevated Terry Romper. Her go-to cottage coverup is an elegant Surf Zip. Perfect for spending time in the sun with her three little ones, but sophisticated enough for a quick trip into town, it's the most stylish defence against the sun there is. Lastly, she never leaves home without one of Dom's travel-sized hand sanitizers. Scented with rosemary or lavender, stay germ-free without the harsh smell of rubbing alcohol.    

When heading for a weekend getaway, its guaranteed Linnea will be sporting her light blue Terry Sport Tote. Inside this spacious tote, you'll find Salt & Stone's Natural Deodorant for a long-lasting, all-natural fragrance, a lavender gingham String Bikini for poolside fun, along with the lightweight Cotton Gauze Shirt to throw on during the hottest hours of the day. As cocktail hour approaches, Linnea pairs her top with matching Cotton Gauze Shorts, for a look that goes from day to dusk with ease. Add a neutral flip-flop, like these Tkees, and you're set for wherever the night takes you.

This summer, spot Natalie a mile away with the Farrah Fawcett Tote slung over her shoulder, and a bright Terry Bucket Hat perched on her head. In her go-to summer bag, you're sure to find the low-cut, Reversible Tank Bather in orange and lavender, along with her staple white Hydro Flask for hot sunny days. The Salt & Stone sheer Facial Sunscreen is her favourite nourishing sun protectant to bring on every excursion.