Summer Rewind

Like countless businesses across Canada COVID-19 presented us with a host of obstacles. From production delays and cancellations to photographing our new collection while remaining physically distanced, each day presented us new challenges. Thankfully, challenges breed innovation - and the result was a collection we are immensely proud of featuring one-of-a-kind tie-dye pieces, and original bathing suit designs.

In an effort to prioritize our team's safety (and enjoy a quick escape from the city) we chose to photograph and film our SS20 collection at Lyndsay's cottage in Algonquin Park.  Our bubble of five set off to Canoe Lake to capture the magic of a Canadian summer. As we were shooting these images everyone's genuine smiles, laughs, and dives were simultaneously captured on Super 8 film by photographer Nikki Ross. 

As summer draws to a close we are releasing these moments in a short film titled Summer RewindSummer Rewind stands as an invitation to everyone to make the most of these longer days and warm nights. Whether it's heading to the beach, eating a meal outside in the warm sun, or Face-timing friends who live far away, let's dive in and enjoy every last minute this summer has to offer.