City of Neighbourhoods: Portrait Series

Toronto is often referred to as a city of neighbourhoods. From the rebellious "Republic of Rathnelly" -a neighbourhood that ceremonially seceded from Canada to protest the construction of the Spadina Expressway, to the Danforth, Roncesvalles, and Little Italy - which have yearly festivals to celebrate the food and culture of each neighbourhoods residents. Across the city, lively business and resident associations have sprung up with the intention of bettering their respective neighbourhood, and sharing each areas unique characteristics with Toronto as a whole.

This winter Tuck Shop's very own Nikki Ross and Bronwyn MacLauchlan spent a day out on the streets of Toronto meeting fellow Torontonians to find out what they love about the Neighbourhoods they call home. The result was a series of nine portraits which capture the diverse landscape of Toronto - and feature each neighbourhoods unique toque.  

Over the holidays we encourage everyone to get out and explore their own neighbourhood, then venture beyond its borders and see what other areas of Toronto have to offer. Stay warm out there, and rep your hood with pride in a City of Neighbourhood Toque.

Each one of our City of Neighbourhood toques is made in Toronto, and together we make Toronto. 

Enjoy...xoxo Tuck Shop


"I love Summerhill... it's a quiet pocket between two busy areas. It has great shops and restaurants."

Kensington Market

"I love Jimmy’s coffee - it’s packed right now - and I love the hippy vibe here. Kensington isn’t corporate, which I really appreciate. I come here when I need to feel liberated - or when I need a great coffee."


"I've lived here for 38 years now and the best part of the Danny is that it’s made up of little neighbourhoods and they’re all very friendly.  So you can go from neighbourhood to neighbourhood, shop to shop, and experience so many different things. There’s nothing else like it."


"100% what I love the most about China Town is the food. My favourite thing to do here is eat! The best place to go is Juicy Dumpling, I’d highly recommend it - it’s so good!"

Regent Park

"I go to school in Regent Park and one of my favourite things to do is walk around the area with my friends at lunch. I like the new aquatic centre, I love the Wendy’s,  and I like all the art work. My friends and I really enjoy walking around at lunch."

Little Italy

"I work here, at Cafe Diplomatico. It’s a great restaurant, the best pizza and pasta. On Saturdays it can get very busy, but that’s okay because the people in Little Italy are so friendly. I love it here!"

Queen West

"I love to shop here. I love the variety of stores, you can find a lot of unique items from small vendors and vintage stores. I know that no one else will be wearing the same thing."

Distillery District

"There are so many wonderful shops and restaurants in the Distillery. I love all the unique flavours from around the world and the fact that there is such a great collection of local artisans."


"I’ve lived here for a while now and I’ve worked at House of Vintage for four years, now. I love the neighbourhood, it’s such a tight little community full of local shops and everyone supports each other. The people are so friendly - Parkdale has this unique twist that I can’t find anywhere else."