Up On Canoe Lake

Cottage Bound

To photograph the SS20 Swim Catalogue, we headed north for a weekend of sun and swim at our home-away-from-home, Canoe Lake. Our genuine smiles and the organic moments of fun we had were masterfully captured on 35mm film, a medium that is equally as timeless as Algonquin's infamous scenery and the traditions of its many cottage-goers. From Toronto to Algonquin, and back again, we recorded our trip and all that we got up to. 


From the moment we departed, everyone was all smiles and buzzing with excitement for the weekend ahead - we couldn't wait to get to our destination.


But first ... Webers! Making sure our masks were on and secure, we loaded out of the car to place our orders and feed our cravings. 


At long last, we made it to Canoe Lake  🛶


And the fun quickly commenced.


In true Canoe Lake fashion, we decided to head over to Wapomeo to check out the camp grounds and get some sun ☀️


And then it was back to the cabin for some drinks and dinner! 


Bagels and coffee made for the perfect breakfast the following morning - always a classic! 


They say time flies when you're having fun, which could not have been more true of our weekend away. Before we knew it we were packing up and saying our goodbyes to the truly magical place that is Canoe Lake. Having the opportunity to visit Algonquin and Camp Wapomeo as a team was a uniquely special experience and a reminder of what Tuck Shop Co. is all about. 


We hope you had as much fun scrolling through our weekend adventure as we did experiencing it! Want to shop our looks? All styles shown are available for purchase online and in-store.