Reflect & Renew: 2020

Join us as we look back on our 2020! 

 Trust us, we can't wait for January 1st - but before we get to the champagne and zoom kisses, we're putting aside a couple of the year's last remaining minutes to do some reflecting on the past 365 days. Below is everything our team had to say about 2020 and everything they're hoping for from 2021. 


Linnea Sage, Retail & E-Commerce Manager

New Year’s Resolution(s):

The ongoing effects of COVID-19 have taught us that everything is subject to constant change. And after a year of canceled plans, postponed trips, curb-side pick ups, and Zoom meetings I've come to realise that setting concrete plans for yourself will only lead to inevitable disappointment. So my resolution is to do my best to take all the challenges 2021 is sure to offer in stride, and continue to look on the bright side of things as we move into a new year.

A Positive Thing That Happened This Year:
Welcoming our third child, Baby Willa, to this crazy, wild world and being surrounded by an amazing support team. Being a mom and an entrepreneur definitely is not easy, but knowing I could rely on our fabulous, hard working Tuck Shop team made the sleepless nights and delirious days all the more manageable.
Something You Learned as the Result of the COVID-19 Lockdown:

Being closed from March-May presented us with the unique opportunity to highlight fellow Toronto businesses as they copped with their own pandemic-related closures. While we regrouped behind the scenes, it was a pleasure to shine the spotlight on local wineries, breweries, restaurants and markets that have continued to be our regular go-to's well into the winter (ily Grape Witches, Box Car Social, The Living Vine, and Burdock Brewery).

First Thing You'll be Doing Post Pandemic:

Flying to Alberta and British Columbia to reconnect with family and loved ones out west!

Bronwyn MacLauchlan, Marketing & Sales

New Year’s Resolution(s):

My New Year’s resolution is to broaden my sense of creativity and to remember the importance of pivoting in unexpected situations. Over the past year I’ve realized that adapting and approaching things from a new and unique angle are the key to making it over the hurdles life will inevitably put in front of you. Accepting that your plans are subject to change and knowing how to cope with that knowledge is my ultimate strategy to owning 2021. 

Something You Learned as the Result of the COVID-19 Lockdown:

I always felt lucky to have three siblings, but it took being locked up with this large gaggle to truly realize just how grateful I am for them. Getting older, we naturally began to spend more time out of the house and with friends, but COVID-19 reconnected us in a way we weren’t aware we were in need of. 

First Thing You'll be Doing Post Pandemic:

Carrying on our 10-year long tradition of visiting South Carolina for the last half of August. Can’t wait!!!


We wish you a safe evening full of fun, laughter, and endless champagne - Cheers to 2021 and HAPPY NEW YEAR! 

XOXO, Team Tuck Shop