Saturday Sourdough!

Baking bread can be a little intimidating, but it doesn't need to be! Get yourself some sourdough starter from your local bakery (we got ours from Burdock Brewery's online store), some flour, water, and salt. With a bit of preparation, and this simple recipe, you'll be a master of sourdough in no time! 

Recipe makes two medium sized loafs. Halve the recipe for one.


45g mature starter
45g unbleached all-purpose flour
45 g whole wheat flour
90g filtered water at room temperature
273g unbleached bread flour
500g unbleached all-purpose flour
175g whole wheat flour/rye flour/spelt flour
660g filtered water @ 90-95 degrees F
180g mature levain (just use all of your levain that you made separately)
18g fine sea salt

Sample Schedule (just to give you an idea:)
9am Start Levain; mix your mature starter, flour and water and let sit in a warm spot
2:25 P.M. Add starter and water to large bowl, add flours and mix dough until all flour is hydrated, let sit for 30 minutes
3:00 P.M. Mix your dough, optionally use rhubaud method.
3:15 Bulk fermentation begins, performing 2 folds spaced 15 minutes apart, and then one last fold spaced by 30 minutes after the 2nd fold. Totalling at 3 folds. Allow dough to rest for remainder of bulk fermentation.
7:00P.M. Pre-shape the loaves.
7:25 P.M. Shape your loaves and place them in their proofing baskets (any mixing bowl will do). Place them in plastic bags to prevent drying out, and proof them overnight in the fridge for 14-15 hours.
(the next day) 9:00 A.M.  Preheat oven to 500 °F with your dutch ovens inside, to get them super hot, for one hour.
10:00 A.M. Score, and the loaves and place them carefully in your hot dutch ovens, put the lid on to allow the loaves to steam and rise. After 25 mins at 500 °F lower oven to 450 °F and remove the lids to allow the loaves to brown to desired doness.
Cool on wire racks until completely room temp!

Enjoy with butter, jam, honey, olive oil or just on their own!