We're Going Back to Basics

Wow… how quickly things change. We took early protective measures on March 14th and closed our store to the community. As of today, all our employees are either working from home or temporarily out of work. We remain optimistic that we will reopen and when we do it will be with a new sense of enthusiasm. This time away is allowing for introspection and clarity that I desperately needed. It’s time that I needed to carve out from the daily hustle but never allowed myself to do. 

We have spent the last week writing content, taking photos, and thinking about how to best engage with you, our customers, so that we can remain social, while distant during this uncertain time.  We miss you! We want to stay connected! We’ve been pleasantly surprised by the feedback we’ve received - thank you for taking the time to write back, engage with our social media posts and place online orders!  More than ever, the alert that my phone makes when an online order comes through via Shopify makes me dance.

To do our part, our employees will not be working at all from our flagship location.  But that doesn’t mean we are closing our online store. I will be fulfilling your orders for the unforeseen future… it’s like 2014 again, just me, packing materials and a tape gun!  Huge thank you to Canada Post for keeping the packages rolling out.

Please be patient with the receipt of your orders. I’m at home with 3 kids, 5 and under who are navigating a new world… Mom and Dad working from home, sharing their beloved caregiver, and staying active and creative in a totally weird time.  So hang tight, your orders will get to you… just need to pull myself away from the toddler dance party or breastfeeding baby!

Linnea and Andrew have been doing an amazing job creating content that we are sharing with you. What else would you like to see or hear about?  More behind-the-scenes info/footage? Recipes? Brand inspiration? Kid activities? Please send us your suggestions and we’ll do our best to send you fun materials now that we all have a little more time to enjoy the slower aspects of life.

Please stay at home. Please stay safe and healthy. We will emerge from this stronger and better equipped to handle whatever the universe has in store for us next. We’re all in this together.

XO... Lyndsay