• TIFF - Tuck Shop Instagram Film Fest

    Throughout the summer we worked on four short (15 seconds!) films with director Leah Cameron.  We had a blast and learned a ton about movie making.  The results were fantastic and we screened our little film fest on none other than the Instagram big screen during TIFF.  For your continued viewing pleasure, we have posted our film fest on YouTube!

    Click on the links below to watch all the films.

    The Fur Stole

    Canadian Cashmere

    City of Neighbourhoods

    The Cottage Coat

    In true Hollywood (North) fashion we need to thank the many dedicated people that worked hard to make our very own TIFF come together:

    Directed & Written By Leah Cameron

    Cinematography by Alan Poon

    Edited By Engulfed in Frames

    Hair & Makeup (The Fur Stole) by Olympia Farmakidis

    White Dress (The Fur Stole) by Cabaret Vintage

    Prop & Wardrobe Styling by Charise Mariel Garcia

    Original Score by Michael Morency-Frame and David Guerra

    Shot on location at Love the Design (Canadian Cashmere) and Brothers Dressler (The Cottage Coat).


    Sara Hennessey in The Fur Stole

    Dallas the Deer in Canadian Cashmere

    Andrew Pigott in The Cottage Coat

    Rosie the Dog in The Cottage Coat


    A standing ovation to all!

    Hope you enjoy the show.




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