Canadiana Redefined.

Lyndsay Borschke spent her formative years at a traditional camp in Algonquin Park. To say that this experience shaped who she became would be an understatement. The simple beauty of Algonquin gifted Lyndsay with the origin of her design inspiration.

In 2013, after years in both the fashion and camping industries, Lyndsay made the decision to launch her own creative vision. Tuck Shop Trading Co. is the result of a lifetime spent between the city and the cabin - and her vision of what it means to redefine Canadiana.

Lyndsay continues to summer with her family on the very same lake that provided her with a lifetime of inspiration - in a cottage originally leased by her husband’s grandfather. (Not much has changed since it was first built - just the way she likes it.)

Tuck Shop Trading Co. creates thoughtfully considered lifestyle goods. Our products are designed in Canada and ethically manufactured, bringing exceptional craftsmanship to elevated style. Equally inspired by city and cottage living, we are reimagining the Canadian fashion identity.

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