What to do in Lockdown, Based on Your Zodiac Sign


As the most energetic sign, and governed by fiery Mars, being cooped up at home hasn’t been easy for you, Aries. Our advice? Sweat it out! Whether it’s going on a run or participating in a virtual workout class, a little exercise will surely go a long way - and what better way to find the motivation to move than with some new gear? Check out the Core collection for all the pieces your workout wardrobe is missing. 


A taurus doesn’t eat to live, they live to eat - and with restaurants being closed, you’re experiencing cravings left and right. Instead of grabbing take-out from your favourite spot, challenge yourself to prepare your own culinary masterpiece; the internet is full of delicious recipes suitable for all levels of cooking! So, pick a recipe that tickles your taste buds and hit up your favourite farmer’s market for all those fresh, seasonal ingredients that are guaranteed to take your meal to the next level. Oh - and don’t be afraid to share your cooking plans with the farmers, ranchers, and artisans; chances are they’re experienced cooks themselves with a wealth of knowledge and advice on how to cook the food they’re selling to you. Thanks to Venus, you love a sparkly trinket and a little bubbly - which makes our gold bottle opener the perfect thing for your culinary masterpiece. 


Chatty, social and intellectual, you love good company, Gemini - which, unfortunately, is hard to come by these days. Although a physical party is out of the question (*sigh), there are plenty of ways to remain social in lockdown, like a themed Zoom party, for example! A 1920’s murder mystery night, perhaps? Interactive, suspenseful and an excuse to dress up, an evening of clue solving will surely have you feeling like your old self, again - plus, as a quick-thinking air sign, you’ll no-doubt deduce who the murderer is well before your peers, and in one of our silk slip-dresses, you'll look every bit the part of the mysterious Miss Scarlet.


Symbolized by the tide-dwelling crab, Cancer is the Zodiac’s most gentle and nurturing sign. You’re deeply in tune with your emotions and known for prioritizing comfort over everything else - which makes you a natural homebody. To say the least, you’re actually sort of enjoying the opportunity to stay snuggled up inside all day...? Like all water signs, you love a good cry - so, if you're looking to make the most of your current situation, slip on a pair of our cashmere Apres socks, snuggle up on the couch and play your favourite sappy movie. We promise that a little emotional R&R is exactly what you need to make it through lockdown.


Just like their ruling planet, the sun, Leos love to be at the centre of everything. Warm, charismatic and spirited, everyone loves you - but not nearly as much as you love yourself. You live for the opportunity to dress up and socialize, but with all this time at home your usual endless pool of confidence is feeling a little shallow. Don’t fret though, we have just the thing to restore your sparkle: self-care! Like we said, no one loves a Leo more than they love themselves, so indulging in a little TLC is a surefire way to go back to feeling like the king of the jungle. The first step? Setting the mood with one of our organic, non-toxic candles, of course!



 A perfectionist at heart, you’re not afraid to work on yourself and skills, and being home you’ve found yourself looking for a new project to put your energy into. Why not try your hand at knitting, a skill that requires diligence and practice? Your unparalleled attention to detail, paired with your persistent nature, means you'll be a master at it in no time. With all the inevitable sweater requests from friends, you'll need somewhere to store your knitting supplies - check out our lovely panier baskets! 



The most aesthetic sign, and literally represented by a scale, your attention to detail and symmetry is what separates you from the rest of the Zodiac. Being home, you’ve found yourself picking apart every interior design decision you’ve ever made, and you’re growing restless in your current surroundings. Check out our home goods section or stop by a local flower shop for something to spruce up your home! 



Just like all water signs, your sensitivity is one of your strengths, Scorpio. However, unlike Pisces and Cancer, you’re ruled by Mars, the planet of passion and action - which is a combination that has left you feeling isolated in lockdown. While everyone else is loving Zoom, you’re craving something deeper and are looking to establish a meaningful connection with your friends in a more personal way. Show everyone how much you’re thinking of them with a Camp Mom bracelet - a meaningful phrase, their name, or words of encouragement are all little ways to express your gratitude towards the most important people in your life.


As the traveler of the Zodiac, lockdown is a major bummer for you, Sagittarius. Free spirited and adventure-loving, how have you been holding up at home? While you’ve probably spent hours planning your post-COVID trips, you’re still craving a change of scenery. Time to stretch your legs, Sagittarius! Consider a long nature walk on one of the city’s many trails. With such a positive outlook on life, you’ll be happy just being outside. Make sure to bundle up in cashmere accessories, though. You may be full of optimism, but nothing takes the spring out of someone’s step like being underdressed on a chill Toronto day.


A cardinal sign, Capricorn are no stranger to taking initiative and action - but you’re also a bit of a workaholic, which has left you feeling frustrated in lockdown. Always thinking of the next step in life, you have trouble doing things for yourself. Take a moment to pause and ask “what would make me happy?”. This lockdown, we challenge you to put yourself ahead of your work. Take some time out of your busy schedule and give yourself the gift of relaxation with one of our cozy, lavender fleece sweatsuits. Sustainably made in Toronto, you’ll be thanking yourself every time you put it on.



Ruled by Uranus - the governing planet of innovation and technology - you’re a big picture thinker who loves a good problem to solve. However, as an air sign, you’ve been known to be a little aloof from time to time, especially when it comes to small details. Scale back your focus to a more micro level and practice some mindfulness. A colouring book is the perfect way to channel your creative energy while also tuning into the present.


They say that each sign of the zodiac learns a lesson that is then passed onto the next sign - and Pisces, as the last in the zodiac, you are the wisest and most empathetic of the bunch. You’re the best shoulder to cry on and feel a genuine sense of fulfillment from helping your loved ones, but being unable to do this has you feeling a little less buoyant than usual. Make up for the lack of human connection you’re feeling in your life with a fun crafts project - as a water sign, you’re a natural artist and full of creative ideas. Ruled by Neptune, your imagination is one of your defining characteristics, and a strength you love to exercise, so pick up one of our white Core crewnecks and go to town on tie-dying it. You’ll love wearing one of your own creations and will probably even end up gifting your friends with their very own.